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Lundy: a photoessay

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A week of fantastic trad climbing and very lucky weather on the beautiful Lundy island

The boat drops us off at the harbour and we head inland to find our campsite


Lundy is a tiny island about a mile long, with no trees and no water sources other than rain water. It’s a bleak and haunting landscape


But the cliffs on all sides of the island offer some spectacular views and some of the best climbs I’ve done in the British Isles



The most famous climb on Lundy is the Devil’s Slide - a bold slab of rock that reaches straight out of the sea and gets steeper with height

Down_devils_slide The Devil’s Slide

Despite being entirely sea-cliffs, there is a surprising variety of climbing around the island


The lack of fresh water means a maximum of 40 tourists on the island at any one time, but you might spot another climber if you keep your eyes open


Another classic of the island is Leaning Butress, and the freehanging abseil down to the bottom is a lot of fun!

Leaning_butress Leaning Butress

After a week I felt like I’d ticked all the classic VS and HVS routes… we’ve made an agreement to come back again when we’ve gone up a notch.


I can’t wait to go back. This is one of my favourite places on earth.


Anna spends all of her free time exploring the outdoors, including winter climbing, trad climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and hiking. If it's an adventure, she's happy.

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